Frequently Asked Questions

What is MokFit Partner?

MokFit is a fitness application that allows users create their own workouts as well as find local fitness providers in their local area and book and pay for their services online.

How do I list my business on MokFit?

Listing your business on MokFit is easy. All you need to do is sign up for an account in the MokFit Partner Portal, then add your business details to your account. The signup process takes around 5 Minutes to complete and if you need help, we have a support team you can chat to that can help to make sure your business listing is setup correctly and will make your listing more noticeable to our users.

Are there other ways for me to make money through the application?

Yes, there are. MokFit has a number of different ways you can make additional revenue outside of your core business :

  1. Create a smashing workout that users can buy or
  2. Sell an overall workout plan

MokFit allows you to diversify your revenue stream so you help to build a stronger, more secure business.

Does it cost me to sell on the app?

MokFit charges a processing fee for handling payments. Information on processing fees can be found by contacting We do not charge any ongoing monthly fees to list your business, For any transaction made through the application, MokFit takes a small fee to cover the cost of the transaction.