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Tech guys from Sydney passionate about fitness

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Our story

Even though you might not think of us that way, we consider ourselves fitness enthusiasts. Not being able to find the right fitness classes nearby easily, we decided to build our own solution to the problem (this is a development company after all). We are huge fans of both great technology and user experience, so why we have tried to build the best product possible both for gym goes and fitness providers. Mokfit Fitness and Wellness app helps users to find local fitness providers in their local area and enables them to book and pay for those services online.

Our team

Mokfit is a brand under Terrapages development house located in Sydney, Australia. The company has been developing bespoke and custom-built applications for the past 10 years now working for government and commercial organisations both big and small. So we could release the application into market, we assembled a fantastic team of people each of who have very unique skills and specialism that they brought to the company. The girls and guys have put their heart and soul into the project. Meet our dedicated team:

Matthew Creen

Marketing and Sales Manager

Purvika Fonfindiwala

Sales Manager

Patricia Lockling

Design & Communications Executive

Kevin Nguyen

Web/Java Developer & Designer

Ben Zheng

Senior iOS and Android Developer

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What's next?

We are not finished yet. There are lots of other things we want to get into Mokfit, but we don't want to overwhelm you now. We have new features and services we want to provide and new countries which we will launch the product in soon. Stay tuned! There are lots yet to come.